Christine’s experience as a real estate investor and developer translates into a huge advantage for Barker Hudsons’ clientele. Her vast knowledge of real estate has evolved over decades of developing residential and commercial projects in NYC, the Hudson Valley, Massachusetts and Canada. She has served as President and Treasurer on NYC condo boards; owns a successful brokerage and vacation rental company; is the founder of Ecotekture Development & Design; and serves on the business advisory board of DPEC Partners, an international real estate investment firm. Christine loves to help clients make sound decisions around real estate purchases and to help them realize their goals and dreams.

Prior to real estate, Christine enjoyed fifteen years as an environmental scientist. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master’s of Science in Ecotoxicology. Christine practiced ‘green’ elements of design long before they were popular, and evolved Ecotekture Development and Design as a natural extension of environmental and design experience.

Years of deal-making has also made Christine a proficient negotiator. Knowledge is power, and CB finds joy in sharing her knowledge with everyone in the Barker Hudson family.


Susanna, born & raised in London, moved to the US 15 years ago. After successfully selling her software start up in 2011, she relocated from Boston to Woodstock NY. Preferring to work with people (rather than computers!) and still employ her business management skills, she started helping Christine, our Principal Broker, run Barker Hudson Vacation Rentals. Susanna now fully runs BHVR and has built up a great reputation with her clients, going above & beyond to ensure they have a perfect stay in every way. This knowledge helps her as a broker as she assists clients find their perfect upstate home or weekend getaway. From managing many different types of homes, she has acquired a vast knowledge of the nuances of upstate living from local attractions to what people want in a home to managing pest to drilling wells to the best way to market and rent out a property, Susanna has the knowledge and information to insure first time buyers upstate choose a home that will serve them well.


Suzanne, a Tri-State native, has enjoyed over a 20-year career in the financial services industry. Decades of professional corporate experience have given her a unique perspective in helping clients consistently benefit from a variety of market conditions and opportunities. She has the agility to shift gears and offer thoughtful timely strategies for her clients when the real estate landscape changes.

Suzanne is exceptionally service-oriented, striving to stay in close contact with each client. She believes that being proactive helps her anticipate client needs and be better prepared to balance their risk and reward whether investing in new opportunities or selling treasured properties. Her acumen and temperament cater to a broad range of clients – watchful novices to seasoned professionals all feel very comfortable working with her.

Suzanne’s fascination with real estate began at a very early age. As a child, Suzanne begged her parents to take her to local open houses. She loved the smell of new construction and the emotion of being in someone’s cherished home. Her favorite part of her job today is to help bring that feeling to others as they settle into something special or say goodbye to a home dear to their hearts.

Woodstock. New York City. Cape Cod.

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