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Zip Lining in the Catskill Mountains!

By July 29, 2014April 5th, 2019No Comments

Zip Line at Hunter Mountain

If you are up for whizzing through the forests for a few hours, then this activity is for you. ┬áZip Line New York offers two courses depending on how far up and how fast you want to go! The Mid-Mountain Tour is family friendly, the lines are up to 60 feet off the ground & you can reach speeds of up to 45mph – the heavier you are the faster you fall! (the “chicken-on-a-horse position” can act as a brake if needed). If you want a bit more of a buzz take the Sky Rider Tour which apparently is the longest, fastest & highest Zipline Tour in North America.

As it was our first time out, we opted for the Mid-Mountain Tour. There are 6 zip lines, 9 platforms, 4 rope bridges and plenty of fun along the way. The zip lines get longer & faster as you go, the last being over 300 ft long. The scenery is gorgeous, the course well thought out and the pilots (guides) competent, if not a little too enthusiastic! A couple of members of our group were quite nervous to start with but gained in confidence as we went and even admitted to enjoying the experience (although it was probably relief at making it to the end!).

Word of warning, heed to all instructions given by your pilots – one of our group ended up with a bruised nose as they neglected to move their head to the left on landing, nothing serious but something that could have been avoided. The zip lines are open year round & it is recommended to(if you’re lucky you’ll get a small group). The zip line office is located in the main ski lodge at Hunter Mountain at 7740 Main Street, Hunter, NY.

Happy zipping!

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