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New Eats & Drinks in Woodstock!

By October 17, 2017April 5th, 2019No Comments

There are some fantastic new places to eat & drink in Woodstock!


Sylvia’s Restaurant,

Located in the center of Woodstock has a very chic & modern aesthetic & a great ambience (love the light fixtures). The kitchen has a wood-fired grill and serves organic vegetable-centric food, in addition to meat options. They source their ingredients locally. I’ve eaten there twice & been impressed both times. In the summer there is a large veranda which is dog-friendly. You don’t have to eat, you can just go & hang out at the large bar area. It is a great addition to the Woodstock restaurant scene.
42 Mill Hill Rd in the center of Woodstock t. 845-679-4242

PictureP&D Bar 

This has to be my favourite new place in town. The cocktails are outstanding & generic well liquors are eschewed in favour of small-batch spirits, the selection is better than any I’ve seen. The mixologist is incredibly knowledgeable & makes many of the mixers in-house.  A serving of ‘the best gin in the world’ mixed with his home-made tonic, was to die for. Loved the style of the bar, the decor, great service and atmosphere.

The bar is located in the old video store behind Bank of America on Mill Hill Road. 

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