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Karma Triyana Dharmachakra Tibetan Buddhist Monastery (KTD)

By September 29, 2013April 5th, 2019No Comments


Otherwise known as the Tibetan Monastery or KTD!
This Tibetan Temple is located at the top of Meads Mountain Road, opposite the start of the trail to Overlook Mountain. The temple is nothing much to look at from the outside, it looks like a Soviet-era dormitory building, but the spectacular Shrine Room makes the visit totally worthwhile.
We showed up mid-week (if you go at the weekend there is a free tour on Saturdays & Sundays starting at 1 PM) and the place was totally deserted; we eventually bumped into a monk who was super friendly and told us to make ourselves at home and directed us to the main shrine.
Once inside the Shrine Room it was so tranquil, that we sat in silence for quite a while contemplating life, as well as admiring the beautiful surroundings, which included a huge gold statue of Buddha. It was an excellent respite for the afternoon.
Outside there is a short trail of prayer flags through the woods. The flags are slung between the trees the entire way around the temple and make for a very colourful sight blowing in the wind. There is plenty of car parking in the temple grounds.

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